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Danbury Thrillz, Why everyone is swarming to Connecticut

Everyone that knows me knows I love sporty activities. I grew up in the Dominican Republic climbing trees, and playing games that involved running and hiding. Then I came to the states and played basketball in my neighborhood every summer. Eventually joined the swimming team of my college and participated in 5Ks and hiking every time I could. So it goes without saying when I heard about Danbury Thrillz, which is in short an adult playground, I just had to get to Connecticut as well.

The frenzy started with a viral tiktok from user @kaylajimenez846 that took over social media. It reached 5.3 million plays on the platform, which is a lot of exposure. Even in the video you can see how empty it was when they went. This sudden popularity made Danbury Thillz to adopt a promo deal that involves submitting your number of followers in social media in exchange for free Fly Time if you're going to post a video.

The drive is only an hour away from NYC, which is pretty short for the amount of fun that you actually have there while jumping over obstacles.

Yes I love sporty, but I don't think I was physically ready for the amount of body strain that Thrillz was going to put over my body. As I'm typing this for you guys to read and motivate you to go, my body is in pain. It's sore to the point that I can't raise my arms all the way above my head. But I do have to say, it was worth it. Therefore I HIGHLY advise you to really stretch before starting all the obstacles, just so you guys don't hurt yourselves. (I didn't stretch because I'm an idiot that was too excited to start having fun, but I care about your safety).

The place is beyond huge by the way, they have over 16 obstacles. (Zip lines, Sweeper, Rolling log, Rolling Barrels, Slackline, 3D Rock Climbing Walls, Free Jump, Trampoline Launch pads, Tippy Tables, Sky Tunnel, Monkey Bars, Ropes Course, Trapeze Hoops, Flying Saucers, Tarzan Ropes, and Super slides). And this is only the one of the section of the building. When you enter, behind the check in station, around the arcade there's a regular sized door that you could miss it if you don't pay attention. That is the entrance to the trampoline section which has more obstacles but it's mostly huge ground trampolines to flip around on, it's also pretty fun. In this section is where I got tired that I needed to take a break.

I want to repeat myself and say this is the most fun I've had, probably top 5 most fun days in my life, so I'm urging everyone to go. I went on a Wednesday, and was able to get my tickets like 3 days before at the time slot that I wanted. On the website it says the trampoline section is $5 extra but when I went nobody was there to even check so I was there for free (I'm guessing due to the slow traffic in people, not saying it's free, I'm saying I just walked in and had fun haha). I was able to get on every obstacle without waiting at all. In the past I've tried to get tickets during the weekend and I had to search 2 weeks in advance to even be able to book a time slot I wanted, also I heard from friends that there are more wait times for the obstacles during the weekend, so I never booked. So it's your decision what you want to deal with, I'd advise to go during the weekday though if possible.

That's all I have to say hopefully you enjoyed this quick read. Here's a recap of me having fun because why not.

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