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Ecuador 🇪🇨: A guide to backpacking along the center of the earth

Updated: May 4, 2021

Hello everyone. If you're here you probably want to know where to go and what to do in Ecuador.

Well I have a few pointers. I backpacked to some amazing spots in Ecuador during my 9th day stay but of course this could be adjusted to the days you're staying in the country. I went to Guayaquil, Baños, Latacunga, Quilotoa, North Cotopaxi region, and Quito and this blog post will talk about them in order of how I visited them to make it easier to understand.

But first let's start about how to get into the country as of March 2021.

You HAVE to take a Covid-19 test because before you even board the flight they WILL ask for proof, and then AGAIN when you land in Ecuador and will even make you email them so they can print it. It sounds like a lot but if you take a test and bring a copy of the result to the airport you should be fine.

I'm vaccinated but they didn't ask me about that at all, guessing so far it's not important.

Now that we settled that, below is a quick snapshot of the places we traveled. We landed March 28th, came back April 7th, 2021.