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Restaurants of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

It's been a while since my last post and that's because I want to write genuine real things and talk about fun, exciting things to do. I'm not trying to fill this website with random posts that hold no depth. THAT BEING SAID!

I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and I ate out every single day so I have a few restaurants to talk about that I enjoyed a lot. And of course I'm saving the best for last!

So let's begin. The first restaurant is Nick-San Sushi restaurant (I do love my sushi). This place is near the boardwalk/marina on the main road next to Tesoro Hotel. It's really easy to miss so you have to pay attention to find it. Honestly what caught my eye was that there was a huge line outside so it sparked my curiosity. What was so good about that place? And I went to find out.

This is probably the cleanest restaurant in Cabo because to get in you have to pass this box that sanitize you. You have the option to sit in front of the chefs that prepare your sushi (like I did because why not talk to the chef that's making your food!) or at regular tables. Staff is extremely nice as well. I think this place was amazing to eat at.

The food is almost like art. I saw the chefs, the way they deal with the food, so much care. And how AMAZING it was wow! I walked in with curiosity and came out very impressed. The price is also fair.

Another place that I went to eat at was Tacos GUSS. This place is on the strip with A LOT of restaurants so it's easy for it to just fade into the background. I'm so happy that I ate here though because I enjoyed the food so much. After Sushi, I love my tacos.