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A Sushi Experience: Ume, Williamsburg

This starts off as spontaneous plans between my friend and I. We both love Japanese culture and both have goals to visit Japan one day. I guess I have to mention that we both were introduced to Japanese culture by something very common: Anime. I've been watching Anime for almost 12 years and ever since then I've been in love with the idea of visiting Japan. From the architecture, plants, and most importantly, food. Sushi has been something I'm always down to eat, I find it so fun and creative. But what I find most interesting is how so much flavor and complexity can be incorporated into those little bites.

So when my friend told me that he found this place that gives an authentic Japanese restaurant feel, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I probably cut him off before he was finished just from the excitement I felt. I had very high hopes. And those hopes didn't even come close to how amazing the place made me feel. Exceeded each and every one of my expectations.

From the moment you walk in you feel different. The aura changes. Peace and serenity. If you don't know what you're looking for then you won't find this place. Is not noticeable from the outside. It doesn't look like a restaurant, maybe a little plant gallery installation. It's almost as if its closed off to the public, an invite only location that you must know the password to get in through the second door. But it is just a restaurant plus much more; an experience.

The details, every step of the way is admirable. When you walk in there's nothing but a paper that says "Please ring the doorbell... and someone will be with you shortly." Almost as if you're walking into a neighbors house, it felt very pleasant. Like you're a guest more than a customer. The waiting area is small and cute with plants and lights that feel soothing.

The next door you enter is the area where you must take off your shoes and wash your hands, I loved this detail. Because it follows the guidelines of keeping safe from COVID-19, but you can feel it was not implemented because of that, more so, they always did that; it's part of the experience. The design of this area added to the restaurant, that's the first moment you feel you left Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It happens almost instantly that the doors behind you are closed and that's because it feels so mysterious. You're filled with curiosity of what's to come next.

After, you'll walk through some curtains, you understand everything. You can see the whole restaurant from this point. It's extremely intimate. You can see the chefs already working on your plate, preparing the sushi you're about to eat. The hostess will guide you through the chefs and into the seating area which feels more like a gallery mixed with a Japanese g